Sunday, July 28, 2019

trying new things - Improv meetup group

Yesterday I attended a meetup group for improv. It was scary and fun and I really had to motivate myself to attend. It's hard to try out new things, especially where I have to put myself out there. I texted my friend Reena to make my commitment. Highlights from the class: participating and laughing with a couple guys. Lowlights, being emasculated by a young lady during the scene where we are stranded on park with a bear. I wanted to leave after an hour into it but I stayed for practice till   5 minutes to the end. so that was good practice for me to break out of isolation.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Quote on Albion library window

Albion library is a beautiful Toronto library.  Ita got a nice design and it's a pleasant surprise given the low income rexdale area that I live in. The library is very youth focussed and there are quotes from youth on the window. Here's what's in front of me now.

Why is it that everytime 
I turn on the news 
Theres another tragedy,
Another man shot
And ripped away from his family?
Why is it that everytime
I scroll through my feed
Theres always a "pray for this country"
Because innocent people
Are suffering through brutality?
Why is it that we have accepted this as our reality?
Why is it that we suffer in silence?
Why is it that we don't break this circle of violence?
        - Ahanti

Sunday, May 26, 2019

pics today

I discovered a burnt out corn field next to a runway at pearson intl that I can get some cool close ups of planes landing. It was a bit damp from all the rain we've been having but I will get a pair of galoshes and try again later this week. I'm fascinated by planes, they look so majestic, truly one of the best inventions of human species. Today's pics was more of the flowers and colours. I'm using a canon eos5d (original one) and a wide angle lens. Next time i will break out my telephoto lens but gosh that is heavy to carry around.   I'm happy to find this field, it seems abandoned and I wonder when it will be developed.