Sunday, March 15, 2015

Biking for the first time in March

Today is the first day where it will be actually decent to take my bike out. for the first time this year! After a brutal winter and it's still quite brutal in the maritimes, poor Perry's flight may be delayed back to halifax because that region is going to get pounded with up to 30. I've decided to take my mountain bike out, i'm not in the mood to take out my tri bike, got to change in all the fancy garb. Here I go, time to get bundled up. It's about 5 degrees outside, but it feels more like minus 10. I'm going to go to port credit, stop at the second cup, grab some lunch and then head back. I am really motivated to do a half iron this year. I've kept up with my  swimming after tearing my bicep from repetitive strain injury but am willing to keep at it, doing physio really helps!!!]  I had fun riding my bike during some spin classes this winter so overall I feel in good duathalon shape :)

meh mountain bike, been rusting on the balcony all winter!