Monday, February 23, 2015

A weekend in Frankfurt.

I left Toronto on Jan 2nd en route to South Africa but as usual I wanted to pack as much as I could in Europe before going to SA. over the years, I've made many stops in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Since my friend Ingo moved to Frankfurt a few years ago, I've enjoyed stopping in Frankfurt to visit him and his family and see a bit of germany. it's a fascinating country,rich in history and very organized and efficient and now diverse. About 15 years ago I made a trip with my friend chuck to visit Berlin and Ingo's parents place in Bergisch Gladbach, it was quite fun and at that time it was cool to be the only brown people in the town. I've never explored franfurt and was keen to see it now.

On January 2nd, I was thrilled to discover I had been bumped to business class on the lufthansa flight. It was the first time I flew business class on a trans atlantic flight, and the seats reallly do recline all the way down.

    I'm very excited to leave Toronto!

Arriving in Germany - I showed up early at 6am, half hour early. most airlines are now quoting longer fllying times so that they meet their quotas for on time flying. Ingo showed up on time although he was rushing to meet me when he checked and saw that I arrived early. I joked this it was a result of German efficiency!  First stop....bakery. nothing like a good german bakery at 6:30am, the smell of fresh bread...yummm. 

a real treat for me, good caffe and german bakery to start of my german adventure weekend!

Next stop meeting Ingo's family, my lovely and warm friends.

Ingo, Eva and Philipe.

So it's 8am in the morning and the first thing I notice is Ingo's staircase Bar. hmmm sign of things to come :)

We have breakfast and catch up for a couple hours and then we decide to go into Frankfurt for some clothe shopping ( I want to get a cool  pair of jeans) and some sight seeing on the hop on - hop off bus.  

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