Monday, June 9, 2014

Hasta luego Costa Rica

I am sitting at the McDonalds in the heart of Liberia waiting for our Tica bus to Grenada, Nicaragua. I've attached the lunch I had at the pollo tropical fast food joint across the street. It's so much better than the greasy food of this mcdonalds, what a shame the McDonalds chain has the Latinos hooked on their cheap greasy food :P   
It's a 4 hour journey across the border and so far my sister vash and I have been here for 6.5 hours while we wait for our bus. It's been fun though, taking the time to catch up on our planning for where we're gonna stay in Granada and deciding to go till Leon instead of back down the coast. I think it's going to be a fun social trip. I am avoiding Managua altogether and just focusing on Grenada and Leon for the next 5 days. I leave back to Toronto on sunday morning at 7am from Managua international airport.
So far today i found a scotiabank and they converted my Canadian dollars to American :). In Nicaragua the people accept both currencies,  their local and American.  But no luck with Canadian as I found out in my stay in costa Rica.

Speaking of costa Rica, I had such a wonderful trip. The highlights being the family time I spent and the luxurious resort with warm staff and the wonderful activities which was capped off Friday with ziplining, horse riding, watersliding  and a lovely mud bath activity. This along with the ATV and swimming in the beach was definitely the highlight. also the highlights for me was definitely the fine cuisine of the different a large carte themed restaurants and the breakfast buffets. I also loved the freshly squeezed juices and I had more than my share of watermelon juices.
The quality of food and the comfort of the rooms made this the best all inclusive place I've ever stayed at. It reminds me of sun city resort in south africa.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and we spent the day celebrating her from breakfast to a really lovely dinner and capped off with a trip to pacifico nightclub. She had a great time and was really touched with how special it was to have her family together for this special birthday. She got emotional when she received her gifts and really enjoyed her designer dress that Vash bought for her as well as the ipad mini from the rest of us. I was relieved when my mom and sisters enjoyed the video that I put together. It was a nice team effort and I am glad the many hours spent working on it got the desired appreciation :)

I was very grateful that we had good weather and it rained for a  very short period. We got plenty of beach and pool time and I especially enjoyed the chilling time I had in my room chilling on the comfy bed reading and listening to music. what a treat to not have any worries and completely unwind from work. Feel truly blessed.
Over and out.

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