Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First full day in Granada

Beautiful hotel lobby! Vash did a great job finding this place. Very cosy.

Chilling in the room before ordering a meal for dinner.

This place has a little pool which is open to the outdoors. Same area used for breakfast. I'm going to take a dip in a few minutes to cool down!

At a local dive we discovered after riding a couple bikes. We were very thirsty and Vash is super happy to rest and listen to Bachata music.

I decided to have a shot of local aged rum. Was very smooth. I heard the 18year old is even smoother. Will give it a try when we go to the bar tonight.

Vash and I a bit tired after the ride in 34 degree heat and found a swanky place for lunch.

Very trendy place. Like the decor and you pay for it. This restaurant charges in dollars but no more expensive than an American place.

I had the home made humus which was divine. The bread was also delicious and freshly baked. Much better than bread in Costa Rica 

Vash had a delicious tomato soup which was freshly made. Yumm.

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