Monday, June 30, 2014

A good Sunday and Monday Morning

Yesterday morning started off with a lovely swim in my pool. The first time I've used the outdoor pool in my building and definitely not the last. I did a few laps to get the cobwebs out but I also enjoyed lying on my back and looking at the sky surrounded by the 2 towers and wondering if anyone was watching me or was I making too much noise cause it was 7:30am sunday morning or worse still was someone going to spit on me ;-)  After a while I let go of those thoughts and just enjoyed the swim.

Pic of the pool just before stepping in, I had the whole pool to myself. usually there's tons of people suntanning and a few people in the pool, was happy to do some laps.

After the swim, had some breakfast, did some laundry and song downloading for my sister and prepared to watch the holland Mexico game. I have been upset with Holland since the south african world cup. I thought they were unsportmanlike and played a dreadfully physicall game against spain. Plus you never know which holland would show up.  And true to form, they almost lost against Mexico but got a late penalty from a drive from Robbin, very classy indeed. The next match was truly a gem: Costa Rica beat Greece in a nailbiter that went to penalties. Again a questionable red card call against a costa rican player reduced them to 10 men for most of the second half. But their keeper kept them in the game by making some amazing saves including one in the penatly shootout.  The shootout was one of the best kicks i've seen, all confidently struck and but for the one brilliant save, it would have kept going.

PURA VIDA!! I have a fondness for Costa Rica since visiting and it really is a Cinderella story for them to proceed this far. Now let's see if they muster up the confidence to face the Dutch.

The night was spent visiting Vash at the airport as she ended her trip. It was great to see her and she came baring gifts which was really sweet. Stay tuned for a pic of my cool looking panama hat. All I need is a matching Cigar ;)

Today at the office I came in to be greeted with a beautiful site of plants that I rarely notice but Today I did and was grateful for the message on the walls behind. Very inspiring.

a little garden at the entrance to my office

Good inspiring words to start the week.

I put up the licence plate of Costa Rica that Vash gave me yesterday , makes my cubicle look brighter and more welcoming. Pura Vida!

My desk area. Yes I'm still using a really old CRT monitor. if it ain't broke, I can still use it! 

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