Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 at city hall

I had such a great time at Nathan Philips square with my mom and taya and Chayse. It was -20 but that didn't stop us from enjoying the ice skating and the fireworks. What a great way to countdown the new year. 

Waiting at the subway platform at Jane station. Going to Nathan Phillips square. The subway is free on New Year's Eve!

Taya showing off her horsie mitts.

Kids getting ready to put on their skates. Chayse doesn't look too happy about the cold. My mom bribed him with $20 if he did a 100 laps around the rink!

Mom and Taya bundling up to stay warm

Uncle and nephew having a kodak moment 

The ice rink is staring to full up. There was a crowd of 35000 people packed into the small area. Very festive!

Happy New Year 2014!!! Beautiful fireworks across city hall backdrop!