Friday, July 6, 2012

my first radio interview :)

This morning at 6:15 am i was interviewed by Matt Galloway for CBC metro morning program. I was neerrrrvous!  The 5 minutes waiting for the interview to start (it was a phone interview) seemed like an eternity. A person named Gord called me up told me to be lively even though it's 6am and said feel free to call the interviewer Matt. I like Matt a lot i think he's a cool host and I like the fact that he stands for a lot of things I do. He's very pro toronto!  During the 5 minutes that I was waiting I was listening to the show and when it came time for him to talk to me I was saying a prayer and taking deep breaths because I was so nervous. It went by quickly. Matt pronounced my name perfectly and he asked me a couple questions about my being from south africa and why i didn't learn to swim and then switched back to the other girl in the studio. when he got back to me he asked what the hardest part of learning to swim was and then asked how I felt to finally learn how to swim. I'll post the audio clip when it becomes available.

A big big shout out to my swimming coach Sandra, she was great, she called me up yesterday afternoon and asked me to do this. I was hesitant and I had a couple nervous hours but it was totally worth it!  Off to my day job, stay tuned for the audio.

Here's the audio clip:
I start at the 1:30 mark.