Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Party night at the Welllington bar...nice group of friends compliments of Alex. I took the Queen streetcar from my place to the pub and it was a fun experience.


- drunk spaniard next to me with really bad breath..he had just come from the hospital after a construction accident..really tough nice guy.
- looking at young girls with short short mini skirts..I must be getting old, I wanted to put clothes on them.
- drunk out of towners yelling on the streetcar could tell it was a novelty to ride the streetcar
- parkdale has got some nice joints, the busiest club i saw was the Rolling stone themed club.
- Warm and Interesting people from different backgrounds: i liked the italian/japanese couple. I thought the italian guy was indian. The goan/philipino/brazilian guy and the fun loving turkish girl who was cute and had the personality to match.
- view from the Wellington Patio, close up of the CN tower was beautiful.