Thursday, July 21, 2011

Global warming?

With these record heat waves..( The last time it was this hot was 1930s) I wonder if this is a sign of global warming and more of this to come. How wasteful we as a species have become. Is it in our nature to be this wasteful and do things without thought of consequence. Maybe it is...I know that as much as I want to have less of a carbon footprint, I still want to drive my car solo to work and take flights where I want to do...and yes even buy plastic bottles and containers although this really does irk me at times.
I wonder what it will take for me, us to change? Maybe proof that by being less wasteful things will improve, polar ice caps will stop melting and crazy heat waves and smog will reduce...hmmm.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

can the media destroy rim

Today Apple announced earnings of 30 billion dollars and a profit of 7 billion for the quarter...thats 3 months of business...Fuck! apple is a pure capitalistic company, deliver a good product that is made great by an ecosystem of talented developers of apps. there is nothing truly extraordinary about an iphone when compared to other devices other than their design and the apps. it makes it a useful device and people love the endless uses it has. this post is not about the fact i couldnt answer my iphone because its become sluggish or the fact that it doesnr really multitask all that thats maybe a different post.

this is about rim, a couple months ago i bought a playbook by rim. its a good device however its got a ways to go to match ipad ability. one being native email support. we are probably talking about a few months of updates. although if you were to listen to the media, you would think the playbook is dead. there are rumors that it will be discontinued and every executive who leaves rim is reported by the media as another nail in the coffin for rim. the only balanced comments seemss to be from the users of rim or loyalists of the phones who express how much they enjoy using their playbook. its funny how quickly we and the media are ready to bring down a comoany or pit one as a loser against another and the distortion is so great. there is room for apple, android and yes the playbook, they each have their strengths. i am an apple fanboy but i dont agree with the company's negative marketing, arrogance and overpricing. i believe that Apple will take a mighty tumble when Steve jobs dies and they will find the need to reinvent themselves much like rim is having to do now. lets hope the media is a little less nasty on Apple.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toronto scotia marathon training

Today I did a solo 18km run. I am very happy with my pace. 6:03/km it's a bit short of my goal of running a Marathon in under 4 hours. My target pace should be 5:45 but in due time. this is the heaviest I've been in a while. 175 yes too much late night eating. But I'm optimistic I'll shed some pounds and reach That milestone! More updates to come. This is really week 4 of my training for the october marathon and I'm glad to be on track! Next up massage to get rid of the aches and pains :p
Much love

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Party night at the Welllington bar...nice group of friends compliments of Alex. I took the Queen streetcar from my place to the pub and it was a fun experience.


- drunk spaniard next to me with really bad breath..he had just come from the hospital after a construction accident..really tough nice guy.
- looking at young girls with short short mini skirts..I must be getting old, I wanted to put clothes on them.
- drunk out of towners yelling on the streetcar could tell it was a novelty to ride the streetcar
- parkdale has got some nice joints, the busiest club i saw was the Rolling stone themed club.
- Warm and Interesting people from different backgrounds: i liked the italian/japanese couple. I thought the italian guy was indian. The goan/philipino/brazilian guy and the fun loving turkish girl who was cute and had the personality to match.
- view from the Wellington Patio, close up of the CN tower was beautiful.