Monday, April 12, 2010

marathon training runs

I just completed a 27km and 29km training runs for the marathon. I started carrying my iphone so that I can take pictures during my run. There's also a really cool app called runkeeper that uses GPS and tells you in a sexy voice after ever km you complete...need all the motivation I can get!

Training for this marathon has shown me how much of it is just pure conditioning and incremental instant gratification here! well except for all the chocolate i eat during and after :)

April 4th 27th run at the Beaches and Lesley Spit

With Anoop at the 15km mark, got some dude to take the pic and it was very sunny. Lesley spit is a great place to run and enjoy the lake view!

April 11th 29km run at trail around Buffalo University

This is the Buffalo North Campus, lots of freshman running on the trails.

Another pic while running on the trail. I ran the first part with my cousin Alan. This was a beautiful 10mile trail that I ran almost 2x to make up the 29km distance. Nice chaning scenery. I stumbled accross a snake as I was getting ready to take a wiz by a tree...that inspired me to keep running!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Drinks with Anshuman