Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great podcast

I found new life for my six year old iPod 15gb. Gees at that time I
paid $440 for it! I now have it in my car and am using to listen to
podcasts. My favourite one is from and it's called dispatches.
Host is Rick mcinnes Ray. What a cool cat, he is very calm and does
great interviews. Every week there are about 5 stories that deal with
issues /ideas from arround the world. The ones I liked most was an
interview with a playright dealing with a very srerious topica about
south African child rape, broke the myth for me that it was centered
around anti-aids remedy. The other story was about the Israelis who
are against serving in the army and join the Palestinians with protest
marches. The Israeli girls go to jail for not serving! I liked the
story of urugauy being the first nation in the world to provide a
laptop for every school child. Especially interesting when it's used
in very rural villages. These are the kind of ideas that spark a new
genration of highly creative and educated people.
It's a warm sunday morning and I'm off to catch up on some work.
Weekends are so cool because they lack the stress of a weekday! This
week it's all about doing more fundraising for 21km run, prepping for
the run. And doing some reading for the marketing class I starte to
Peace out